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Website Analysis Tools Part 2: Performance Testing with WebPagetest

Last time, I wrote a bit about finding potential site improvements using a site auditing tool called Lighthouse. One area where Lighthouse was useful, but fell a bit short in my opinion, was in analyzing website performance - that is, the speed at which the site loads and can be interacted with. Today, I'm going to take a look at a more specialized tool that we use at Ashday to figure out the ...


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Website Analysis Tools Part 1: Auditing with Lighthouse

No website is perfect - but it is certainly possible to come close! Fortunately, there are numerous useful tools available to website developers to help take a website from "good" to "great". In this series, I'm going to take a look at some of the site analysis tools that we've used at Ashday to bring our websites closer to that ever-elusive goal of "perfect."


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5 Great Drupal Integrations

In this day and age, it is rare to find a truly "standalone" website. The web as a whole was fundamentally built upon a concept of having different sites connecting together. At first, this was just done with hyperlinks from one page to another, but those simple days are long gone. Almost every website in this day and age has some integration with other websites or web services, and fortunately, ...


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eSignatures with Drupal: Integrating with the HelloSign API

As more and more companies make the leap to having entirely-digital communications with their customers or clients, some things have a tendency to stay on paper.  One common thing which lags behind the rest of the digitization process is the signing of legally binding documents... but no more. Now, services such as HelloSign are able to fill this void, and thanks to the HelloSign API, Drupal ...


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Drupal 8 Will Help You Save Time on the Next Drupal Upgrade

The Drupal Upgrade Crisis is Over Back in March 2017, Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal, published a blog post entitled "Making Drupal upgrades easy forever" in which he confirmed what we here at Ashday had already suspected: Drupal 8 has laid the groundwork for seamless upgrades to future Drupal versions. But what exactly does that mean, and what benefits could this have for your website?


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If It Ain't Broke, Test It Anyway

Testing is a vital part of the web development process, with Drupal as with any other platform, though it can often be a step that's easily missed or not given enough attention. At Ashday, we have a number of processes in place to make sure that each our sites are well tested, to minimize the number of bugs the site has.


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DrupalCon Developer Retrospective

Last month was an interesting one for the Ashday office, when for one week we packed up our computers and made the journey to New Orleans for DrupalCon 2016.


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Say Hello to Drupal 8

The fourth release candidate of Drupal 8 is here, and in just a few days the full official release will be available. Ashday's been keeping a close eye on Drupal 8 for a couple years now, and now it's finally ready. As a bit of a "test drive" of all of Drupal 8's new features, we've rebuilt our very own site using it, giving the site a much-needed facelift in the process. We're already planning ...


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Specialized Administration Pages in Drupal

Even the most simple websites will often consist of multiple pages or multiple different types of content. For example, a site for a small business may contain a homepage, a "Contact Us" page so that potential customers can contact the business, a few additional simple pages such as "About the Business" and "Our Products", and a News page, which shows all of the business's announcements, but can ...


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