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How to Convince Your Boss to Upgrade to Drupal 8

You really want to upgrade that old site to Drupal 8. You’ve seen the improvements, the new features, and you even figured out how to pull off an upgrade. The only thing between you and sweet Drupal 8 goodness is your boss. They don’t see the need to upgrade and think it won’t be worth the time or money to make the jump. Maybe they do think Drupal 8 is a needed improvement, but aren’t convinced ...


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Drupal vs Wordpress Part 2: Which is the Best CMS in 2018?

We’ve covered this in previous blog posts, but I think it’s time we came back to this and gave the contenders another look. (It's only been three years since we last covered this, so everyone has probably been waiting with baited breath for this one.) Internet culture loves to pit things against each other to see which reigns supreme, so let’s do that for these two juggernaut content management ...


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Drupal Search: Solr vs Search Module

Drupal isn’t known as a particularly lightweight content management system and that is one of the reasons we love it, right? It is meant to handle large amounts of complex content. A problem occurs when you have a site that is just flush with content of different types, how do you get users to it? Navigation can only get you so far sometimes. We have personally seen this on everything from ...


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An Ode to Flash

Ah, the late 90’s and early 00’s were such a different time. We were so young and full of energy. It was also the time when the internet was really coming into its own. More and more people were getting into the web and starting to build websites. While these websites were mostly pretty plain during this early time, some did find a way to add a bit of... Flash.


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Will Rich Search Results Replace Websites?

Search engines are providing access to increasingly more information about websites right in the search results. This is great for consumers who want to get the information they were looking for quickly, but will this replace your website?


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Who Uses Prefixes Anymore?

CSS prefixes are useful for getting cutting edge, or at least somewhat modern features to work across the major web browsers. Without using these, you would likely see that your website looks very different between browsers and sometimes it could make it look pretty bad. Using prefixes means entering your styling multiple times in some cases and that makes it easier to forget one. Forget one and ...


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Bringin' the Development Local

  Building a website is often a highly collaborative effort with many different moving pieces. One of the toughest to coordinate is where the team builds it. Should your team be working directly on a remote server or on their own local copies? Does it even matter?


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Headless Testing with CasperJS

Testing is a necessary part of the development process. Without sufficient testing, your project is going to run aground very quickly when you launch and that doesn’t make for many happy people. Human testing can be useful as you can get pretty quick feedback on obvious bugs and visual oddities. The problem is that humans can only test so much before they begin to go blind to little ...


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The Best Part of Drupal 8 Is Using Less Drupal

Drupal and lightweight aren’t words that have historically gone hand in hand. Drupal 6 and 7 had some hoops to jump through to get something not included in the box. If you wanted to use an external service for displaying content or adding features you would feel that pain. Drupal had apparently not heard the phrase, “Less is more”. Does using Drupal really mean that you have to always deal with ...


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Can I Get This Site To-Go?

This is probably old news at this point, but more and more the preferred method for consuming content is mobile. Whether this means a smartphone, tablet, or some other internet-enabled device, the odds are pretty good that your site will be viewed from something other than a traditional computer. (Although let's be honest, that doesn't really describe anything like it used to either.) Interesting ...


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